from a dream to reality...       

While living in Northern Michigan I have raised 2 children, Richie and Abby, both world class healers in their own right. I have attended local churches and enjoyed the local ice rinks while playing hockey in various men’s leagues. In my spare time I love to go to the boonies in northern Ontario to fish and write books.

Upon maturation from Chiropractic school, I moved to Hillman Michigan where I have been in practice continuously since January 1981. After being in private practice, I saw a need for a health food store, so Hillman Health Foods was created to fill a much needed void in Northeast Michigan. It is now one of the largest health food stores in Michigan that is privately owned and operated. Coming in 2020, there will be additions to the Hillman health food store. These additions include an organic hair salon, ionic foot bath detoxification, infra red sauna, massage therapy, and body minerals wraps.


As a chiropractor, I feel that it is my obligation to also be a teacher in the health arena. Following a profound dream in my early days of practice, I was compelled to write the following books:

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Minerals, Hair & The Human Genome

Minerals for the Genetic Code

An Amish Man's Guide to Minerals, Vitamins, and Food Supplementation

Minerals for Acupuncture Meridians

A Chiropractor's Metabolomic Handbook of Cerebral Spinal Fluids

Is COVID-19 a Teleomere Virus?